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Two good friends with a few bucks an old carpentry workshop and tons of dreams were enough to ignite the HARAM engine!


Founded by working drummers, putting all our knowledge, passion and love in what we do our drumsticks started to gain name and soon people with the same dreams and goals started to join us in this journey.


As drummers we are aware of the main role played by a pair of drumsticks, it must be the perfect partner and that's exactly what we are looking to create in every single pair of HARAM Drumsticks.


The principle of our family is to continually improve our drumsticks and accessories, be aware of the constantly changing drummer needs, and most important of all be close to our fellow working drummers!


¨Putting all their passion, a couple of Friends created the HARAM Drumstick Company, to later on with the support of awesome people turn into the HARAM Family!¨


Featured Artist

Giovanni Figueroa

Born in Guadalajara Jalisco, Giovanni, started his musical career since he was 8 years old studying at the Conservatory of Music of Guadalajara.


Since 1999 he has recorded and performed in tours throughout Mexico, United States, Europe, Central and South America with many internationally renowned pop stars such as Ricardo Arojana , Alejandro Fernández, CIRCO SOLEDAD, Juan Gabriel, Lila Downs, Cristian Castro, Francisco Céspedes, Emmanuel, Mijares, Ricardo Montaner, David Bustamante, Sebastián Yatra, Filippa Giordano, Ha-Ash, Belanova and Eugenia Leon.


And could not be missed by his extraordinary musicality by playing a role in projects with recognized international musicians, including festivals and jazz clubs around the world. Among such artists are Brandon Fields, Makoto Ozone, Luis Salinas, Oscar Stagnaro, Alain Pérez, Kiyoshi Kitagawa, Osmany Paredes, Chano Domínguez, Giovanni Hidalgo, Brian Lynch, Axel Tosca, No Pals, Otmaro Ruiz, Marco Mendoza and Hans Glawischnig.



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